Revolt on Antares: Science Fiction Minigame

By: Tom Moldvay

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Complete, lightly-used set. Counters verified complete. ~ CONTENTS: Rulesbooklet; map, 2 dice, 84 counters. ~ The REVOLT ON ANTARES minigame has three different scenarios. In the Basic Game, the Rebel player leads his or her allies in revolt against the Terran forces and the houses that remain loyal. In the second game, the Terran player tries to defend Imirrhos against revolting houses in league with invading aliens, the Silakka. In the third game, Terra is neutral, while up to four players try to create the most powerful house on Imirrhos!

Title: Revolt on Antares: Science Fiction Minigame

Author(s): Tom Moldvay

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Publisher catalog ID: TSR 4003

Publisher: TSR: 1981

Format: Plastic Case

Condition grade: Very Good

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