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Image for GURPS Horror: Battles Against the Occult

GURPS Horror: Battles Against the Occult

By: Scott D. Haring

Price: $23.99

Publisher: Steve Jackson Games: 1987

Edition: SJG 6004

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP02sjg6004

ISBN: 1556340788

Condition: Very Good

1st edition. Crisp, glossy cover. Nice. ~ Vampires. Mad slashers. Things Man Was Not Meant to Know. Stalkers of the night. The stuff of nightmares . . GURPS Horror, a worldbook for the Generic Universal RolePlaying System, brings you all the spine-tingling thrills of your favorite horror novel or movie. With one frightening difference . . . This time, they're after you. ~ 96 pages View more info

Image for The Republic of Darokin (Dungeons & Dragons Gazetteer GAZ11)

The Republic of Darokin (Dungeons & Dragons Gazetteer GAZ11)

By: Scott Haring

Price: $123.99

Publisher: TSR: 1989

Edition: TSR 9250

Wayne's Books ID: GMSP92tsr9250

ISBN: 0880387130

Condition: Very Good+

VG+ condition. COMPLETE! Included are 64pg booklet, 32pg booklet + 2 (UNCUT) cutout sheets + poster map. Crisp, glossy cover. A touch of staple rust. Trivial wear. Very nice. ~ An in-depth look at this prosperous land. Merchant character class. Detailed history of Darokin. The geography, government, peoples, society, and cities of this huge land, plus a guide to Darokinian culture and characters. A large, full-color map of the Republic of Darokin. Two full-color sheets of cardboard fold-ups - build your own merchant caravans in 3D. ~ 64+32+ pages View more info